Treatment for Loose Teeth

Loose teeth are caused mainly due to growing age but there could be other reasons as well. If proper care is not taken, then it has to be extracted and tooth replacement treatment is done to ensure improved oral health. At times loose teeth can be painful and may be accompanied with painful bleeding gums. Loss of teeth affects the overall structure of your jaw and you face problems while eating or talking. If you think that loose teeth are natural, that's simply not true. It is normal in case of children but for adults it is a reason of concern. Loose teeth can give way to many problems such as;

  • Your chewing ability becomes limited
  • Food that gets trapped between teeth can lead to gum infections
  • The loose teeth that are extracted from your mouth can make you look unattractive
  • You may face difficulty in pronouncing certain words and you may sound as if you have a lisp problem

There are many factors that contribute to this problem, gum infection being the main one. In addition, it deteriorates the gum health as well as the adjoining teeth. Also since the proper symmetry is disturbed, there is additional stress on teeth when they come together while chewing or eating foods. Other problems that arise due to loose teeth can be grinding of the teeth.

Treatment of loose teeth can commence with finding out the main reason as this will help to determine the kind of treatment which is most suitable. Some of the common treatments available are fixed bridges and dentures. But dental implants are the most popular form of treatment as they have the best and most effective results. Dental implants are basically a process by which a new tooth is place where teeth are missing by inserting a titanium post in the jaw bone which acts as a root and supports the crown. Usually when you visit a dentist for the dental implants he or she assesses your oral health by doing a CT scan and X rays. Once the treatment is done, the healing process may take up to six months. Meanwhile, dentists will provide you with a temporary. You must be cautious during this period and should not put much pressure on the temporary. Many people prefer to choose immediate dental implants as it takes less time as compared to the regular process but again it depends whether immediate treatment is appropriate in your case or not.

After the dental implants are done, you can resume normal activities. You can eat food without facing any difficulties, laugh and enjoy life as you used to with your original teeth. Since the implants are done in a very precise manner, you need not get worried thinking that it may get loose or fall out of your mouth. Above all, the bone tissue that surrounds the tooth is maintained by the natural renewal procedure of the body. The treatment is done is such a way that no one including you can ever make out that the implants are artificial and not natural.


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