Cosmetic Denture Information

Dentures are prosthetic appliances made of artificial materials, which are worn or attached to the gums as a replacement for missing teeth. They can also be removed at will and put back when needed. Dentures are usually opted by those who have lost their teeth or have had their teeth extracted due to oral diseases. In any case, missing teeth can cause a lot of problems. Are you planning on getting cosmetic dentures? Then there are some facts which you need to know before you go to meet an implant dentist. Here are they…

Let us first check out the reason why you are interested in cosmetic dentures. Firstly missing teeth are very bad to look at if they are in the front of the mouth. They leave a bad impression on anyone you meet and you have to feel embarrassed every time you smile in public. Apart from this you will also have difficulty chewing on food if you have missing teeth. Many people also experience severe pain in the gums while chewing food. Also when hygiene is counted on, missing teeth takes a toll on your oral health. This is because whenever you chew or eat your food, the food particles get stuck in the cavity of your missing tooth. These particles rot with time and infect the gums and the healthy teeth in your mouth, thus causing bad breath and decaying teeth.

es. The best solution to this is getting dentures implanted to replace your missing teeth. Cosmetic dentistry has provided us with numerous options to replace missing teeth, dentures being the most popular among them. Cosmetic dentures are of two basic types: complete dentures and partial dentures. Complete dentures are used for replacing all the teeth of the lower or upper jaw. Complete dentures are only opted for when all the teeth have been removed either on the lower jaw or on the upper jaw. Partial dentures on the contrary are used for filling in the gaps between teeth where a tooth or two are missing. Partial dentures are very fast to put on and are a much cheaper option than any other kind of cosmetic teeth replacement. Dentures for the lower jaw are known as lower dentures and those for the upper jaw are known as upper dentures.

There are many benefits of cosmetic dentures:

  • Enhance your looks – It is often seen that when you loose teeth on the sides of your jaw, your cheeks tend to sink in, or even sag down at times, thus making you look older than you are. Apart from this if you have lost your front teeth then it must be very embarrassing for you to go out and socialize with people. Cosmetic dentures do away with all these problems as you get the right replacement for your missing teeth.
  • Good Dental Health – As said before, using dentures keeps your gums from getting prone to infections and diseases. Also your remaining teeth remain healthy.

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