Implant Dentures - A superior solution

Implant dentures have been proven extremely effective for both fixed and removable denture applications. In a recent study it has been observed that the success rate of implant dentures has been more than 95 percent, whereas the success rate stood at close to a 100 percent for lower jaw applications and approximately 87 percent for the upper jaw application. 

Implant dentures are simply a custom denture which holds housings that snap over top of the implant securing them naturally to your gums. Unlike the regular dentures which merely rest on the gums, the dentures are attached to the implants that are fixed inside your mouth. When an individual loses all of their teeth, which can be caused by age and oral health, it makes it very difficult to eat and talk properly. Regular dentures do not offer a complete solution and always have the tendency to slip out of your mouth as they do not have adequate support to hold them. In addition, a person wearing regular dentures needs to adjust the denture frequently which can be very annoying.

The implant dentures are more suitable for the lower jaw as the regular dentures are less stable in this place. With the availability of the implants dentures, people have the opportunity to receive an improved long lasting solution for their missing teeth. Many people try to use the adhesive dentures but there are many disadvantages to them. One of the main disadvantages is using messy adhesives which don’t provide much stability. They also don’t resemble your natural teeth very well. This is not to mention that they are very comfortable due to constant shifting which results in loose dentures. You must be comfortable and confident about your teeth otherwise you will not be free to socialize and continue to be conscious about your appearance, speech and eating habits. Also the denture adhesives are not cheap.

On the other hand, there are immense benefits of getting denture implants. The durability is one of the most important features of them. There will be no need to constantly visit your dentist for adjustments and cleaning. The implant dentures are well fitted, neatly placed and well suited with your natural teeth. You should continue to practice good oral hygiene in order to promote longevity to your new dentures. Because the implant dentures require fewer visits and no consumables they will end up saving your money on the long run. Here are few of the benefits that you can get from implants dentures-

  • Improved functionality - With implant dentures you won't feel that you have artificial teeth and you'll regain normal use of the teeth you once had.
  • Psychological advantage - This is the opposite of subperiosteal and in this case the treatment is done 'in the bone'. This is the most common type of treatment and includes placement of cylinders, blades or screws into the jaw bone with the help of surgery.
  • Improved speech - Your speech & pronunciation will be improved. Since there is no hollow space in your mouth, the words you speak are clear and audible.
  • Eating - You can chew your food properly and eat all the foods you once could without any pain or having your dentures coming loose.
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