Mini Dental Implants

If you are currently wearing dentures there is a good chance you consistently have problems with discomfort and loose fitting dentures. Traditional dentures can also cause pain and swelling in the gums due to friction created between the denture and your gums. It is also likely that you’re tired of having to constantly visit your dentist to have your dentures examined and cleaned, not to mention the adjustments to correct the inclination of the dentures. With cosmetic dentistry bringing out new and effective options for replacing lost tooth, there are numerous alternatives today that are less invasive and painful and effectively replace your lost tooth as compared to the traditional ones. Mini Dental Implants is one such option which has won over the hearts of all the patients who have used them. Mini dental implants do not require any major surgery as in the case of bone grafting and dental implantation. They are done on your normal dentures and are a lot less cheap than dental implantation and are as effective as well. Using dental implants ensures that your dentures are fixed to your gums and do not fall off, thus giving you new confidence while talking to people or eating in public.

With mini dental implants the traditional removable dentures are replaced with permanent dentures or implants that are fixed to your jaw bone with the help of a titanium screw. This can be done in a single procedure itself and does not require any additional maintenance after that. Mini dental implants also last for many years. The healing time for mini dental implants is a lot less than the traditional implantation. After the healing period which may last a few weeks, the titanium screw bonds with the jaw bone giving you a permanent solution to your traditional denture problems.

Mini dental implants can not only be used for dentures but for crown and bridge work as well. While mini dental implants provide an excellent solution for loose and non fitting dentures, they are also commonly used for missing teeth. Whether you are missing one or several teeth mini dental implants can help to provide a natural permanent solution without the high expense.  Another benefit of these small diameter implants is that they do not require as much bone density as standard dental implants. This will also lessen the chances of you needing bone grafting procedures to build and strengthen bone. All of these benefits are the main reason why mini dental implants are much less costly than standard dental implants mainly due to less visits to your dentist. The mini dental implants are used for both medical as well as cosmetic purposes. You can regain your lost confidence and chewing ability with a full set of teeth. If you are interested in financing please click here. Please complete a free online consultation to find out if you are a candidate for mini dental implants.


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