Immediate Dental Implants

A lot of people hesitate to go for dental implants as they think it's a time consuming affair. However with immediate dental implants, things have changed. Now you can get your dental implants in one day. As we all know, dental implants are a successful way of getting new teeth in place of the missing ones or stabilizing your dentures. The typical dental implants process takes up to six months and requires a bit of care and time. But with immediate dental implants you are not required to wait very long. The reason for lesser time required is basically the procedure that is followed to the implants. You get a temporary crown attached on the very same day and then you need to visit the dentist about a month later to get a permanent tooth.

The process of immediate dental implants is different than the standard. The dentist drills a 2.25 mm hole using a local anesthesia and light pain medication like Ibuprofen. After drilling a hole through the gum and jaw bone, a 4 mm titanium post is inserted which is alike a screw. Once the process of inserting the post is done, a temporary tooth is placed on the titanium post. This post is durable, however extra care should be taken in the initial months. The entire time taken for the immediate dental implants varies from 30 minutes to an hour. Your dentist will consult you on the does and don'ts and give you a date to come back to get a permanent tooth implanted. Foods like apples, carrots, radish or anything hard should be avoided as the post is required to get fully attached to the jaw in this one month period. It is not wrong to mention that immediate dental implants are a latest development in the field of dentistry. As compared to the regular dental implants it is more advanced and you do not have to make several visits to the dentist.

The process involved in the usual or regular dental implant requires a few months time. It begins with a surgery in which the dentist places the titanium post by drilling a hole of 6-7 mm in the jaw bone. The post has to wait for tentatively three to six months. Then you are required for a second surgery when the tooth is attached to the post. If at all, there is a necessity of bone grafting, then one may have to go for another surgery and the healing time extends up to eight months.

Sidelining all these complexities, immediate dental implants are a hassle-free treatment for missing teeth. Those who require implants for the front teeth will surely prefer this. The duration of the entire treatment is very short as compared to the normal process plus less time is required for the healing. Visiting the dentist on a frequent basis for dental treatment can be stressful and lead to anxiety. With immediate dental implants in place, life can be simpler and easier. You can always consult your dentist on this and seek advice if immediate dental implants are suitable for you. So visit your local implant dentist today for a consultation.


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