Advantages of Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are dentures which are fitted into place of your missing teeth just after the teeth are removed. Patients can opt for partial immediate dentures or full immediate dentures. In case of partial immediate dentures, when one or two teeth are extracted, the same is replaced with immediate dentures just after extraction. While on the other hand, in case all the teeth on the lower jaw or the upper jaw are extracted, then patients opt for full immediate dentures.

There are numerous benefits of using immediate dentures:

1. When the tooth is extracted the gum is very sensitive and prone to swelling, pain and infections. Immediate dentures take care of the infections by protecting the gums just after the tooth is extracted.

2. After teeth extraction if immediate dentures are not used, then the gum is exposed to all kinds of food particles and fluids that you eat every day. The food particles get stuck in between the missing teeth and gums, therefore over time causing infection and pain in the gums. Apart from this the teeth surrounding the extracted tooth can also be affected by tooth decay because of the food particles that get stuck in them.

3. Immediate dentures are easy to use just after tooth extraction because the gums are soft. Also there is much less swelling and pain if you use immediate dentures just after extracting your tooth.

4. For those who do not want to affect their natural appearance after have their teeth extracted, should choose immediate dentures. These are of the shape of the tooth you have just extracted and cannot be easily noticed.

Immediate dentures require a lot of hard work on the dentist's part. Firstly if you are interested in using immediate dentures just after your tooth extraction, you must mention it beforehand to your dentist who is going to carry out the extraction. He will have to take the casts of your mouth, which might require several appointments before the extraction. The dentist sends these casts to the lab where they are fabricated to make the immediate denture identical to your tooth that is to be extracted. When the denture is ready, the dentist will call you for the extraction.

Just after the extraction the immediate denture is placed in the mouth and checked for fit. It is sealed with tooth cement or stabilized with implants so that you can wear them all the time. As the gums heal, the denture starts to set into your mouth, and you might have to visit your dentist periodically to check the fit and inclination of the denture. Sometimes the dentures also need cleaning, for which you will need to visit the dentist. Be sure to contact your local dentist to see if immediate dentures are right for you.


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