Choosing The Right Dental Implant Dentists

Choosing dental implant dentists is a very important decision when going in for dental implants. The dentists offer normal looking tooth replacement solutions to patients who have lost their tooth or teeth. However there are various distinctions that you must know before you go in for your dental implant consultation.

First of all, you must know what an oral surgeon is and how a prosthodontist can help you with your dental implants. The former (oral surgeon) is a specialist who offers treatment for the jaws and mouth that may need a surgery. If you have missing or badly damaged teeth then you may refer to an oral surgeon for your problem. The surgeon will create a place in your jaw where the dental implants can be placed. They would place the implants in the position created and then stitch the patient's gum to cover them. The implants require three to six months to get fully attached to your jaw bone. Once the implants are well grafted, the surgeon places small posts in the implants referred as abutments as they serve as a stable structure for you new set of teeth.

On the other hand, a prosthodontist specializes in the field of dentistry that is dedicated to the replacement of teeth and related structures of the jaw and mouth. Apart from this they are also well versed with the knowledge of tooth repair and restoration. Hence a prosthodontist is an expert dentist for dental implants. A dentist after completing his studies can choose to train himself in the field of prosthodontics by going in for a three year post-doctoral program. Therefore a prosthodontist can help you in dental implants through various forms of restorations such as dental implants, dentures and dental bridges.

To select a dental implant dentist you must consider the following points-

  • Educational Qualification- You must look at the training programs and educational qualification of the dentist who is supposedly going to do your dental implants. A dentist with a three year post-doctoral program in the field of prosthodontics is preferred. To get more information about the dentist, you can have a look at his website or else ask directly for more information.
  • Experience and expertise- Watch out for the experience as it is an important criteria when selecting a dentist. It is obvious that if a dentist has vast experience and is more exposed to dental implant treatments, he is likely to offer better care.
  • Certifications- A dentist is certified or trained by a group or body that recognizes him for his expertise to perform the dental implants. Therefore you can always take a look whether your dentist is certified by the following bodies or not-
  •  ACP or American College of Prosthodontists
  •  AAID or American Academy of Implant Dentistry
  •  MII or Misch International Implant Institute
  •  ABP or American Board of Prosthodontics
  •  AAIP or American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics
  •  ICOI or International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  •  ABOI-ID or American Board of Oral Implantology/ Implant Dentistry
  •  MII or Misch International Implant Institute


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