Missing Teeth information

We all understand the value of a wonderful smile. We can't afford to lose it especially when we are surrounded with so many problems in our day to day lives. What can affect your smile apart from the worry of missing teeth? We all tend to lose a tooth or two with growing age or oral health problems. There can be many reasons for this such as growing age, tooth decay or accidental injury. Missing teeth can affect your life in the following ways-

  • Speech - Your normal speech and word pronunciation is disturbed due to absence of teeth. This usually makes you sound as if you lisp and alters your voice projection due to hollow spaces in your mouth.
  • Looks - Your appearance is surely affected especially when front teeth are missing. This may stop an individual from socializing and makes him or herself conscious as well. Also, in today's world showing a missing tooth while smiling or talking is not considered very attractive.
  • Chewing ability - With missing teeth, you are unable to enjoy the foods you love, plus your chewing ability is not the same. This may also lead to bad nutrition and deficiency of important compounds due to non-consumption of important foods.

But you need not worry as nowadays there is availability of dental implants treatment. One can get new teeth and retain their good old smile once again. Experts suggest that even a single missing tooth should be replaced. Most patients go in for dental implants only if their front teeth are missing. This is due mainly to esthetics. You must bear in mind the following reasons which justifies the importance of tooth replacement-

  • Loss of Jaw Bone – Our jaw bone receives pressure from the tooth roots that offers a stimulus to bone cells. This pressure avoids the jaw bone from breaking down. This effect is referred as piezoelectric effect. Therefore if your tooth is missing, it may lead to the loss of jaw bone as the bone cells tend to die where there is a hollow space due to missing teeth. This may result in conditions that are referred as facial collapse and jaw shrinkage. It is the main reason for people looking much older than their age due to missing teeth.
  • Loose support - Our mouth structure is such that every tooth receives support from the adjacent ones and this makes a strong structure. Hence a loss of teeth leads to withdrawal of support to the adjacent tooth and make them loose.

Apart from the above stated reason, neglecting your missing tooth problem may affect the remaining tooth in the mouth and they gradually tend to get lose and fall out. You then need to seek support by getting dentures and that too may create complications due to a change in structure of the jaw bone. Therefore, taking proper precautions and going for dental implants is a wise and healthier option so that you never lose your smile and confidence.


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