Why Choose Same Day Dentures

Dentures are acrylic replacements for missing or extracted teeth. Dentures are used by people who have lost their teeth or have had their teeth extracted due to tooth decay. A denture is similar in size of the teeth to be replaced and therefore blends naturally among all of your natural teeth. Dentures will enable you to restore your smile regardless of your missing teeth.

There are many disadvantages of having missing teeth. For one, you will not be able to chew your food properly. You will not be able to chew on hard food, because it will hurt your gums which are exposed because of the missing teeth. Food particles will also get stuck in between the space left by your missing teeth. This will create an environment in between these teeth for decay and possible infections within the gums. Pain in the gums and bad breath are only a few of the side effects of tooth decay. If you are missing front teeth it is especially a problem due to embarrassment when smiling or talking in public. All of this can be avoided by scheduling a consultation with a local dentist and discussing your options for dentures.

Same day dentures or immediate dentures as they are also called are immediate replacements for your missing teeth after the teeth have fallen out or been extracted. Prior to your treatment your dentist will take an impression of your gums and use this to form your dentures. The cast is then sent to the lab, where the artificial denture is prepared of the same size and shape as that of your jaw structure. Once the denture has been finished you will then go in and have dental implants placed in which the denture will be secured to on the same day.

Same day dentures are not only extremely convenient but they assist in the healing process. Your gums are soft immediately after a tooth has been extracted and once the denture is fixed in place there will be much less pain and the area will be sealed off from food particles or germs. Another benefit is you will require fewer appointments and be able to eat and chew foods immediately with same day dentures. Your dentures will also fit in your mouth much better due to minimum time passing between the impression and placement of the denture. As time goes on in between your impression and placement of the denture your gums tend to change shape to accommodate for the missing teeth.


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