Factors Determining Dental Implant Costs

We all take proper care of our body by choosing healthy food options, right eating habits and nutritional supplements that allows us to stay fit and healthy. But most of us ignore to give proper care to our dental requirements. We cannot afford to neglect the importance of oral hygiene, which if not considered can lead to tooth decay and other dental problems. Tooth decay is one of the most common oral problems that affects individuals worldwide. But with advancement in medical science, the availability of dental implants has made things better. If someone has a missing tooth due to oral problems, one can certainly look at dental implants. If you are worried about the cost factor, then you must know that dental implant costs vary from case to case and each implant dentist charges separately. Dental implants are a really effective solution if you require a permanent tooth to be planted in place where the original tooth is missing. Following are the factors that determines the cost of dental implants-

  • Process involved in dental implant - Your dental implant cost mainly depends on the procedure that is implied to do the treatment. For instance, the cost is comparatively less for a single restored tooth as against treatment which demands additional procedure to be followed like a sinus lift or bone graft. However if one goes for mini dental implants, the price can decrease up to 30 percent.
  • Material used in making the artificial tooth - The material used to make the new tooth that would be implanted in the patients jaw is one of the important determinants of the dental implant cost. Since all the companies who make artificial teeth offer implants almost in the same range, therefore there is not much difference in the price.
  • Labor and expertise - At times the cost is more when the effort and labor involved in the process is more extensive. If more time is spent on the treatment and the person doing the procedure is a well known experienced dentist then he is likely to charge more money.
  • Patient's Condition - At times the physical condition of the patient also decides whether extra care is required or not. These factors may be the age of the patient, jaw bone anatomy or condition of the oral health.
  • Apparatus used in treatment - In certain cases the dental implant demands the use of an additional apparatus and the implant dentist might use special kinds of appliances. Nowadays the dental implants are carried out using the latest apparatus hence the cost may be more.
  • Cost of Imaging - Imaging cost which includes C.T.'s and X-rays are likely to increase your overall dental implant cost.

Nevertheless, you may know that on an average the dental implant cost approximately ranges from $1500 to $4000 and may go up to an amount of $8000 to $14000. With proper care and hygiene you must take good care of your oral health. A regular visit to dentist can help you to do so. When going for dental implants, you must visit a known dentist as he will offer you the best treatment using all the latest equipment and materials.


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