Teeth Replacement Information

There have been several advancements in dentistry for the replacement of missing teeth. Today it has become a more convenient, permanent and affordable solution for those suffering from the problem of missing teeth. It is very important that you understand your options by completing a Free Online Consultation by clicking here.

What are the different methods of teeth replacement?

When it comes to replacing missing teeth there are several factors which can determine the best option for you. Upon visiting your dentist for a consultation they will probably perform a CBCT scan or X-ray. This will determine bone density and any underlying issues not visible on the surface. Now your dentist can precisely layout the exact placement of the implants for single tooth, crown and bridgework or denture stabilization. Here are few brief explanations of the different treatment options.

  • Dental Implants - a dental implant is a titanium screw used to replace the root of a tooth in order to support a single or multiple tooth restoration.
  • Implants for Dentures - Here the dental implants are used to support either a fixed in place or removable denture. This is a much better alternative to traditional dentures which slip or come loose while eating or talking.
  • Crown and Bridge - Similar to single tooth replacement the dental implants can be used to support crown and bridge work without affecting adjacent teeth.

Dental Implants have come a long way, especially with the introduction of mini dental implants. Because of the small diameter of mini dental implants there is much less pain and recovery time associated. This also means that your dentist can immediately place a crown restoration or temporary on the implant. The mini dental implants are made of titanium. The main reason for using titanium is that it reacts well with the body and is extremely durable. These implants are also referred to as narrow body and small diameter implants. By choosing a Mini Dental Implant Solutions dentist you can rest assured that you'll receive high quality advice and top notch treatment.

Compared to other alternatives dental implants are the elite in replacing your missing teeth or to stabilize dentures. They can be used to replace one or multiple teeth and provide a permanent solution which looks natural. They are so well fitted into the jaw bone that you do not feel any artificial qualities or even notice that you have them. The appearance of the restoration will perfectly match your adjacent therefore giving you the natural smile you once had before the loss of your teeth. Dental implants for dentures also provide the natural stability of your teeth and require much less maintenance than traditional dentures. The cost of the treatment will vary therefore it is difficult for your dentist to give you an estimate without having a consultation with you. With so many benefits and advantages, dental implant treatments have had strong growth and they are certainly the best available option for teeth replacement. Be sure to contact a Mini Dental Implant Solutions dentist to schedule a consultation today.


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