Denture Costs and Information

Dentures are appliances used by people as a replacement for the teeth they have lost. Dentures can be of two types: Partial Dentures and Complete Dentures. While partial dentures are used for replacing just one or two missing teeth in your mouth at different places, complete dentures are used for replacing the whole upper jaw or the lower jaw, after you have lost all of your teeth.

Cosmetic dentures have become very popular among those who have lost teeth and are looking for a solution. For one, it replaces the missing teeth giving you your lost beauty and confidence back, to go and talk to people without feeling embarrassed. Secondly they improve the health of your teeth. Usually it is seen that if one tooth is removed due to decay, the neighboring teeth also start to become affected. This is because when the missing tooth is not replaced with a denture, the gums are exposed to food particles and fluids which get stuck in the corners thus causing bad breath and eventually the adjacent teeth also start decaying. Therefore it is very important to get dental implants for dentures in order to avoid future problems.

You can get dentures from any dentist who offers denture services and they will recommend dental implants or traditional dentures. Cosmetic denture costs might vary from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending upon the quality of the denture, which determines its longevity and functionality. Usually standard dentures can be used up to a period of 10-12 years. In addition to this cost you might also have to pay for the dentist's fee and additional check-ups and examinations.

If you want to use a denture for your missing teeth, contact a local implant dentist who deals with dentures. Consult with them about the various types of dentures that are available in the market and they will tell you about their functionality and costs. Mention your budget to your dentist, so that he will be able to choose the best denture that fits your budget. With the higher costing dentures you will get better guarantees of quality and longevity, while those which cost less are not good on the quality of the material they are made of. The high quality dentures typically start at around $500. Remember, it is very important not to look for the best deal. There are reasons why some denture dentists charge more than others.

If you have a dental insurance that covers dentures and implants, then you will not have to worry about the costs of the dentures. You can go for the high end cosmetic dentures that are good on quality and will last you for 10-15 years. All you will need to do is visit the dentist regularly every few months for a routine check up.


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