Implant Denture Information

An Implant denture is basically a type of denture which is supported by mini dental implants. The implants will act as support for the denture. This type of application will also allow for the denture to be removable or fixed in place. This is a much better solution to traditional dentures which require messy adhesives. The implants also will keep your denture in place without worrying about eating certain foods. If you are currently wearing dentures or interested in dentures this is the best option. The process involves a small titanium screw to be placed in the jaw which the dentures will attach to.

Implant Dentures for denture stabilization are ideal for lower jaw applications. This is primarily due the lack of success with traditional dentures for the lower. The implants will provide excellent stabilization for both the upper and lower dentures. One of the highlights for these dentures is that they can be removed easily when needed. However depending on your situation you can also discuss fixed in place dentures with your dentist. If you would like to find out more about denture implants please fill out a Free Online Consultation to find out more from a local implant dentist.

Once you have made an appointment for a consultation with a local denture dentist they will analyze your specific needs and provide different options for replacing your missing teeth or stabilizing your current dentures. Once you have decided on a treatment your dentist will take an impression of your jaw and begin the process of creating your new dentures. You may need a CBCT scan in order to determine bone density in areas where the implants will be placed. You will be amazed at the quickness of the procedure and long term convenience associated with implants for denture stabilization.

The process of implantation:

Now that your dentist has performed a scan and taken an impression of the jaw you are ready to move forward with placing the implants. During your first appointment your dentist will start by placing the required amount of implants to support your dentures. This process will take about an hour depending on the number of implants. The procedure requires general anesthetic and is virtually painless and bloodless. Next the abutments will be secured to the top of the implants and your temporary will be installed. Your next appointment will be scheduled for fitting of your permanent dentures. You also talk with your dentist about the same day denture procedure. With advances in dentistry and the introduction of small diameter implants we are now able to place the implants and immediately load your permanent dentures all in the same appointment. This method has proven to be very successful and patients love it because it cuts down on appointments. If you would like more information please contact a Mini Dental Implant Solutions dentist for a consultation.


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