Teeth Implants-A detailed overview

Commonly referred to as dental implants, Teeth Implants are the new age treatment for getting a tooth replaced. It is considered to be an enhanced and permanent solution for missing teeth. When considering dental implants you should know all the details such as cost, advantages, complications and the process involved. The following details can help familiarize you with dental implants.

What are teeth implants ?

Teeth Implants are generally a tooth replacement where the implants provide a strong base for temporary or fixed applications. A small titanium screw is placed in your jaw bone and acts as a replacement of the root. This implant will provide stability to the permanent restoration and look very natural among the adjacent teeth. Mini Dental Implants are a very commonly used implant for these applications.

What are its benefits?

  • Appearance - Your teeth implants will help your restorations look completely natural. The artificial tooth is made in such a way that it is difficult to even notice a difference from your natural teeth.
  • Comfort - Because the implants fix your new tooth to the jawbone you will be unable to tell that you have it. When chewing or talking you never have to worry about your dentures coming loose again.
  • Eat with confidence - Enjoy eating all of the foods you once loved. These dental implants allow you to eat normally despite having an artificial tooth in your mouth.
  • Durable - Teeth implants are extremely durable and can provide a long term solution for missing teeth.
  • Oral Health - Having a complete mouth of teeth is good for your oral hygiene. These implants do not rely on neighboring teeth for support.
  • Self-confidence - You do not have to shy away from social gatherings any longer as these teeth implants lifts your confidence and allow you to laugh and talk without worry.

What are the complications involved in the treatment?

There are not many complications involved in the process of dental implants. At times the process may take time but other alternates like immediate teeth implants and mini dental implants cut down on this. Everybody is different so it is important that you visit a local implant dentist or take a Free Online Consultation.

What is the success rate of Teeth Implants?

Once again, everybody is different and your dentist will decide which method is best for you. However the success rate of the procedure has been a brilliant 98 percent. 

Who can get this treatment?

Almost any individual with healthy gums and sufficient bone to support the implants can have the treatment done. The first step is to visit a local mini dental implant solutions dentist and have an evaluation. Your dentist will most likely perform a CT or CBCT scan in order to fully evaluate your options.

Does insurance cover the treatment?

Generally the insurance companies do not cover implants. Teeth implants have become very affordable through the years and there are many financing options available. Be sure to call your local implant dentist today to find out how you regain a healthy smile.


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