Information on Mini Implants

Mini implants are an excellent alternative to standard implants and traditional dentures for denture stabilization. For dentures this is because the traditional dentures constantly have to be removed which causes a loose fit. You will also have to visit your dentist regularly to get the dentures cleaned and check for proper inclination and fit. If this is not done, the gums may swell and the jaw bone can get disrupted which can cause greater problems over time.

Mini implants are essentially the traditional implants which are fixed to the jawbone and made of threaded titanium. This is done so that the implant is permanently fixed to your jaw and therefore becomes a part of your jaw bone. The implants are made of titanium which is used because the metal has been tested to be harmless to the human body and integrates with the bone quickly with minimum risk of rejection. The mini implant when fixed to the jawbone with the titanium screw acting as a rigid base for the artificial tooth or denture will act as a strong and natural element of your mouth with great longevity.

When considering mini implants it is very important that you contact a dentist who specializes in mini dental implants. These mini implants are ideal mainly due to their affordability. The healing time is also much quicker and the process is less risky. It does not involve any additional surgical procedures other than placing the tiny titanium screw into your jawbone in order to stabilize the restoration. The mini implant procedure requires only local anesthetic and can be performed at your general dentist’s office. It is done in a single visit and often takes just 45 minutes to complete. Once the implant is seated it may take three to six months of time for the implants to get fully integrated into the bone. During the time of healing, you may be provided with a temporary restoration by your dentist. This will provide back up until your implants are stable enough to hold your artificial restoration. Once the healing is finished you will make a final trip to your mini implant dentist to finish the process by having your restoration or denture placed.

It is always good to be informed before considering mini dental implants for your missing teeth or denture stabilization. Once you have reviewed the information it would be suggested to complete a free online consultation to see if you are a candidate. Now you are ready to contact a mini dental implant solutions dentist. Once you schedule your appointment you will be invited in for a consultation which is sometimes complimentary. After the evaluation you should be sure to ask any questions you may have. Your dentist will go over your options for treatment and you’ll be well on your way to having a natural feeling and looking smile again.


  • Partial mini implants – The partial mini implants are used for replacing one or more missing teeth. They can be done by a single visit to the dentist.
  • Full mini implants – These are done to replace an entire set of teeth on the upper jaw or the lower jaw. The full mini implants require more than one visit to the dentist as the dentist assess and examines the bone structure and teeth and takes the proper casts before carrying out the implant surgery.

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