Information on Missing Front Teeth

Our teeth play a very important role in our bodies and for quality of life. As you can imagine we rely on our teeth quite a bit in everyday life. Teeth are used for chewing, tearing and biting on food. Our teeth grind the food we eat and make it easier to swallow and digest for the stomach. Without our teeth we would not possibly be able to chew on any kind of solid food with our gums. Therefore our teeth were meant to be the basic survival system for the body. In addition to just eating and chewing on food, our teeth also help us to speak. We would not be able to speak properly if we did not have our teeth. This is the reason why people who have lost all their teeth are not able to speak properly. Our accents and sound are refined by the action of the teeth and the tongue. Our teeth are also responsible for our facial structure. The front teeth support our lips which would sink in had we lost our front teeth, while those on the sides provide support for the cheeks. This is the reason for the sag that comes on the sides of the cheeks for those who have lost their side teeth.

The 32 teeth that all of us have in our mouth are each functional in their own way. Every tooth is supported by a tooth on either side. Every tooth is symmetrical with another tooth in the opposite arch of the jaw. This causes a biting and chewing action that we are familiar to. The front teeth are mainly responsible for biting, while the incisors adjacent to the front teeth are solely for tearing on foods such as meat. Our front teeth are also responsible for giving us our unique smile while supporting our lips.

There are cases when due to age, oral hygiene or an accident we lose our teeth. This can cause our lips to sink in or the side cheeks to sag. Missing teeth can also cause us not to speak properly due to the air that blows out from between the space created due to the missing teeth. Missing front teeth have found to be the reason for embarrassment and seclusion for many people as they cannot smile openly in public or talk to people with confidence. This is not the mention the difficulty eating and chewing food missing teeth can be responsible for. If you are missing your front teeth and do not get them taken care of you run the risk of adjacent teeth to shift. This ultimately could cause an alignment problem for the rest of your teeth. This can also result in bone loss in the area of the missing teeth. With the introduction of mini dental implants we now have a much more effective and affordable option for replacing missing teeth. Be sure to contact a mini dental implant solutions dentist to discuss your options.


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