Advantages of Dental Implant Dentures

With growing age, we tend to lose some of our teeth. When this happens most people choose dentures as a solution to this problem. However there are better options available. The problem with regular dentures is that they slip out of your mouth which can embarrass you in various occasions. Even using paste or glue does not really help to hold the dentures firmly in the mouth. Dental implant dentures are an improved solution for people who have lost their teeth either on the lower jaw or upper jaw or both. This method also assists in retaining the shape of the mouth and costs less than going in for an entire set of dental implants. Following are the benefits of getting the dental implant dentures –

  • Stable Foundation - The biggest advantage of dental implant dentures is that they offer a stable foundation so that the dentures remain in place firmly. Thus this helps in restoring 90 percent of the chewing ability of a person who has lost all their teeth. In addition, they offer a permanent solution to your problem and the use of durable materials ensures that there are no chances of it slipping out of your mouth while laughing or speaking.
  • Better appearance - A person regains their looks and achieves an improved appearance once they get the dental implant dentures. After having a set of original teeth for all your life when a person loses them due to growing age, it makes them look old and uncomfortable. With dental implant dentures you look better and the same as you used to with your normal teeth.
  • Ability to chew - Once you lose all your teeth, you have to cut down on a lot of food items due to your inability to chew them. The dental implant dentures gives back your chewing ability and allows you to eat what you were not able to. With regular dentures it was not possible to eat all you like as the chewing efficiency does not remain the same.
  • Enhanced confidence - The dental implant dentures offer aesthetic value to an individual's overall look and thus boosts your confidence. A well-modeled and properly fitted denture gives patients enhanced confidence and better smile. They know that since these dentures are well fitted there are no chances of them slipping out of the mouth.
  • Keep away from regular denture adjustment - Regular denture adjustment can be irritating at times. When a person loses all their teeth, it gives them a shrunken facial appearance and this change of facial shape requires constant denture adjustment. Therefore dental implant dentures allow you to get rid of this annoying problem.
  • Improved speech ability - The regular dentures affect the speech of a person to some extent. The mouth and facial muscles work to keep the dentures in its position. Therefore a person may lose interest to interact with others or socialize. The dental implant dentures can control your speech problem as well as aid you to get rid of the muscle strain.

Regular dentures are not the best solution if you have lost all of your teeth. It is a good idea to visit a local dentist for a dental implant dentures consultation for a permanent solution to your problem. They offer more benefits and allow you the liberty to enjoy your life as you did with your natural teeth.


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