Dental Mini Implants

As the name suggests, Mini Dental implants are the smaller version of the traditional dental implants. Because mini implants are much less invasive and much more affordable they are become very popular for replacing missing teeth and for denture stabilization. These implants are made of titanium which integrates well with bone and is extremely durable. The implants themselves are extremely small and include a ball type tip for restorative applications. When using the implants for dentures there is a system using rubber o-rings and housings to hold the denture in place. This also allows you to easily remove your denture and making glues unnecessary. In addition, they allow the dentures to rest comfortably on your gums. This treatment was originally designed for the purpose of clasping the dentures in their place.

Aside from requiring fewer visits than traditional implants the price can be up to 50% less as well. Most people cringe when hearing the words dental implants because they have been known to be very expensive. With modern dentistry advancements these mini implants are much more affordable and you can visit your general dentist to have them done. Because regular implants are bigger they require more bone which most denture wearers and those missing teeth lack. This requires bone grafting procedures which add additional costs. Mini implants also don’t require intensive surgery to flap the gums before placing the implant. On average the entire procedure takes less than an hour and you can return to normal activities after your appointment. Be sure to ask your dentist how to properly care for your new implants following the procedure.

Some might think that because the mini dental implants are less expensive they will be inferior to traditional implants. This is simply not true. The mini dental implants are equally as good and offer a high quality treatment. Everybody differs on a case to case basis so it is very important that you contact a mini dental implant solutions dentist in order to schedule a consultation. During your consult with the dentist all of your options will be discussed and questions answered.

The mini dental implants require much less time than the usual implant treatment and it is quite common to have the implants placed and your restoration or denture fixed all in the same day. You will receive a local anesthesia and a tiny hole is drilled in the jaw bone so that the implants can be carefully placed. Since the process is not very invasive you are allowed to eat light meals after your treatment. However, you must consult your dentist about all the do’s and don’ts. It is very important to be careful about your oral hygiene so that you can enjoy a good healthy mouth. Once you’ve finished treatment you can rest assured that you have regained your smile and the ability to eat the foods you love and live life to the fullest.


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