Mini Dental Implant Dentures

There are over 20 million Americans wearing dentures. At least half of those wearing dentures are constantly faced with problems. Mini Dental Implants for denture stabilization can help relieve you of the day to day troubles involved with traditional dentures. Some of the most common problems involving dentures are improper fit. This results in the dentures constantly coming loose or falling out while eating and enjoying everyday activities. These problems can not only cause you an inconvenience but can also damage your dentures. With the advancements in dentistry and the addition of these mini implants for stabilization you can now enjoy life as you used to prior to wearing your dentures. Mini Dental Implants will act as the root for holding your dentures in place. There is also no need for denture adhesives when using implant.

Mini dental implants are the latest in dental technology for implants. They involve much less pain and are much more affordable. The process includes drilling a small pilot hole through the jaw bone. Over time the titanium rod fuses with the jawbone giving a secure base to hold the artificial denture or crown for tooth restoration. They are very popular for denture stabilization because there can be several implants placed in little time and the healing process is much quicker. Mini dental implants can be performed by your general dentist and can require as little as 1 visit to complete.

When considering mini dental implants you should immediately contact your dentist and schedule an in office consultation. You can also complete an Online Consultation in order to find a local dentist offering mini’s and gain additional information. Once you have visited your dentist and the two of you have determined a treatment plan you are now ready to move forward. During the implant surgery, a titanium rod is inserted and fixed into your jawbone, with a retaining fixture that can be used for holding the denture later. The upper part of the implant is shaped like a ball, while the retaining fixture contains a rubber ring that acts like a socket for holding the denture. This allows the denture to be snapped in place over the rubber ‘O-ring’ of the implant whenever needed. Once they are in place you don’t have to worry about them coming loose as traditional dentures will. There is an added advantage of using the mini dental implant over using traditional dentures, because the mini dental implant holds the denture in place over the gums, while the traditional dentures do not have any such base and therefore continue coming loose.

Typically mini dental implants require 5-6 months depending on the patient’s condition. In the meantime a temporary denture is fixed on top of the mini implant to protect the implant and maintain your appearance. Once the mini implant is set in the jawbone properly, the permanent denture is fixed to the implants. This is a permanent solution and your new dentures will only need to be removed occasionally by your dentist for minor cleaning. Contact a Mini Dental Implant Solutions specialist today by clicking here.


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